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Getting Ready for Moving Day – the Big Clean

I was an owner of a cleaning business for quite some time. I learned so much about every aspect of a home that I could easily give lessons or teach a subject on home economics! All jokes aside, I’ve decided to share my knowledge that stems from my business experience with you today. Here are a few things I’ve learned that might help you before a big move.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that might help you with cleaning and organizing a before a big move.

Do The Job Once.

cleaning-tipsThere’s no reason for cleaning your home before you start packing. There’ll be a whole other mess to clean up after the house is empty and the truck is loaded. In the event that you’re a clean freak and just have to do something, go ahead and clean things up. Just remember that you’re going to have to repeat the entire process all over again so you might as well wait and do it all just once.

Don’t Make More Work for Yourself

You might not be moving just yet but planning to move in the near future. If you’re in the need of new furniture or appliances, it might be wise to hold off on the new purchase until just before you move. This way you can have things delivered directly to your new address. I mean, why would you make more work for yourself by getting things delivered to the old house and then pay to have them moved again into the new. Throw out anything you no longer want or need and wipe items as you pack so you can unpack and place them with less effort at the new house, in their newly decided locations.


Take Time to Rest, and Stay Positive

I know there’s a lot to think about before moving, but don’t stress yourself out. Stay positive and try not to over think things since it will only tire stress you out more. Of course, any type of change is stressful, but just knowing that can help you take extra time to relax and focus during this important period in your life. Don’t try to get everything done in a day.


If I have learned anything from owning my own cleaning business, it is that people who are meticulous in cleaning small things up as they go through their day, generally have a lot less work to do when they have to do a big clean.

So it goes without saying if you develop a ‘clean as you go’ habit you’ll make things a whole lot easier on yourself and your home will stay generally tidy all the time. You might also find out you don’t lose things as much, like car keys and homework. If you need to get organized there are numerous types and styles of storage cabinets and containers you can find at your neighborhood hardware store or Home Depot. If things did get out of hand or you need some extra help, check your directory for a list of local cleaning companies a few weeks before moving day and get some prices and referrals. This way you can have time to select the right company, and that means one more thing off your plate. You might also consider having them service your new home as well if the previous owner left it below par.

I’m no longer in the cleaning business but have enjoyed writing and I hope this has helped you if you’re planning a move.

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