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Choosing the Right Commercial Office Cleaning Company

By William Peeples / August 27, 2019

Tips For Choosing the Right Commercial Office Cleaning Company

As a business owner, you can either choose to add a full-time cleaner or hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your office. Despite the fact that these two options have their pros and cons, outsourcing has proven to be the better option. Hiring a professional company that provides commercial cleaning services in your local area is your best bet to maintaining a clean workspace for your employees, customers and clients.

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One of the major benefits of having a clean office is the fact that it makes a favourable impression on customers. Such a company is also ready to work with you on the hours you need their services, the services they offer and the kind of qualifications you would like their employees to have.

If you are planning to look for a commercial cleaning company but don’t know where to start, read on to find out how. So, without further ado, here are 10 tips for finding a good commercial cleaning company that every company out there should know about:

1. Conduct a Thorough Background Check on the Company You Want To Hire

When looking for a good commercial cleaning company, it is good that you ask the right questions. Doing so will help you get the best cleaning services at a pocket-friendly price. Find out how many hours they are available and how many days they work. These can be important questions to ask especially when looking for a company to do the cleaning after your office closes for the day.

Compare the rates charged by different commercial cleaning companies offering the same services. Ask the potential companies about their hiring procedures, employee training or whether they have experienced employees, and whether they can handle multiple projects or tasks.

2. Ask For References

Asking for references will help you find out about the reputation of the cleaning company you want to hire. Ask the company for customer references and find out about customer satisfaction. Also, remember to find out the company’s reputation within the local business community.

Ask the company about who they have worked for before and how they have been rated by their previous clients. If most of the businesses were satisfied with the services offered by the cleaning company, it may be a good idea to consider hiring the company.

3. Find out Whether the Company Has a Liability Insurance

Before hiring a cleaning company, ask for proof of insurance. Also, ask for something that shows that the company is fully licensed. Additionally, ask for general and workers compensation certificates. Choose a cleaning company that hires regular employees and not cash workers since the regular employees carry insurance against liability and injury. This liability will protect you and the cleaner in case of an accident while the cleaner is cleaning your office. Don’t forget to verify a cleaning company’s business license before hiring.

4. Look for a Company That Only Hires Professionals

To achieve this, you should find out how the cleaning company you want to hire hires their employees. Ask about the cleaning company’s hiring procedures and vetting process. This will help you ensure that the team sent to clean your office do their work in a professional manner and know how to clean an office in the best way possible.

It is also a good idea to find out about the company’s employee dress code to make sure that cleaners will show up looking professional and presentable. Most of the cleaners often wear uniforms and have an ID badge. It is good to know about such things before hiring a cleaning company.

5. Find out Whether the Company Has an Established Cleaning Process

Look for a well-established company with experience, a good reputation and the ability to show that they have achieved results for other customers. A commercial cleaning company with an established process is more likely to have an established reputation to back their work, for example, a green cleaning regiment.

6. Ask if the Company Has a Cleaning Checklist for Their Employees

An established cleaning process mostly includes a checklist for the company’s employees. Find out whether the company you want to hire has a standard task-list that should be followed by all the workers to ensure that the job is done well. Find out about the cleaning supplies that the potential cleaning company uses.

You should also find out whether the company knows how to spot and deal with trouble spots like mold and mildew, the kind of products they use, whether or not they use natural cleaning products and whether they have a list of areas to be covered including the halls and stairs, entryway, and kitchen including windows, refrigerator, wastebaskets, and desks.

7. Look for a Local Company

If possible, it may be better to choose a commercial cleaning company with a local office especially local headquarters. This is because of the fact that this ensures that the company will get a crew to you within the shortest time possible whenever you need cleaning services. It is also helpful when you would like to communicate with them in person.

This can be very important considering the fact that face to face relationships are very important. It is also a good idea to consider a commercial cleaning company with local management. If the company you want to hire is part of a franchise, their management could be located in another state and difficult to reach.

8. Ask Whether the Company Has an MSDS List

MSDS stands for Material Data Safety Sheets and are regarded as an important part of the safety process for companies offering commercial cleaning services. Any organization that handles chemicals, regardless of how less dangerous they may be, must keep an MSDS for every substance.

If you need to look up the MSDS on a product you can visit https://www.msdsonline.com/sds-search/

This info is important as it helps determine the reactivity of a chemical with other compounds whether it is flammable and the possible side effects of exposure to the chemical. MSDS are printed in English but if you have bilingual staff, you can ask the company to provide translations. All those who work in the company should have access to MSDS files as they describe the proper safe handling and transportation procedures.

9. Find Out About the Flexibility of the Cleaning Company

A professional cleaning crew will work around your schedule. If you would like your office will host a night meeting, for instance, professional cleaners can reschedule when they come to your office including later in the evening after the night meeting. These professionals are available to work around schedules convenient for their clients. This flexibility can help you save time and money.

10. Does The Cleaning Company Know How To Keep Your Employees Healthy?

Apart from cleaning, a commercial cleaning company can help ensure that your employees stay healthy. Professional cleaners fully understand the concept of hygiene. They can ensure that those areas where workers congregate are sparkling clean. And the good thing is that they know where germs build up.

If there is an employee with cold, a professional cleaner can fight those germs and get rid of them. Therefore, hiring a commercial cleaning company will help you keep your employees healthy as professional cleaners know how to effectively deal with pathogens and bacteria hence preventing the spread of diseases caused by pathogens and bacteria.

Skilled cleaners clean desks, furniture, windows carpet, and computers using specialized cleaning products. They do their job while wearing protective clothing. This attention to detail keeps your employees healthy.

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If you run a business and you are mostly very busy, it is good to focus on your business instead of thinking about things like cleaning your office. Just contact a good commercial cleaning company to come and help you when your office closes for the day. A dirty office can leave negative impressions on your visitors and customers. Therefore, it is good to ensure that your office is always sparkling clean by hiring a good commercial cleaning company.

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